You’ve saved, planned, packed and traveled.  You are ready to trade in the harsh New Jersey winter for a warm tropical beach.  Unfortunately, accidents don’t take a vacation and travelers can be injured even in the seemingly tranquil settings of Mexico and the Caribbean. 

What Should You Do If You are Injured?

A potential recovery can be challenging, though not impossible.  It is essential to hire a personal injury lawyer who knows how to handle such cases.  Practical matters such as working with local attorneys, determining the appropriate statute of limitations, and filing a lawsuit in the correct jurisdiction must be handled expeditiously after your injury.

If you’ve been injured while on vacation, please read The Accidental Tourist: Navigating Legal Pitfalls in Travel Injury Litigation published in The Legal Intelligencer by Anapol Schwartz attorneys Mark J. LeWinter and Jeffrey S. Downs for more information about the issues that you face and for information about how to contact an experienced travel injury lawyer.

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